The first question on any prospective client's mind is usually, "How much will this cost?" To answer that question as fully as possible, our fees and average costs are displayed below. However, as every case is unique and requires a different approach, the cost of each case varies. Some matters can be managed on a flat fee basis, but most will be billed hourly. The billing method is generally at the client's election, unless otherwise governed by law or bar rules.

Hourly rate for Mr. Wheeles: $295.00
Hourly rate for paralegal: $155.00

Cost to file Will/register Trust: $50.00
Cost for filing civil case: $200.00
Cost for filing motion: $50.00
Cost for filing small claims: $50 - $100.00
Cost to register LLC: $250.00
***Note, Costs are expenses paid to court or state, not attorney

Unbundled Legal Services - billed hourly:

  • Legal advice: office visits, telephone calls, fax, mail, e-mail
  • Advice about availability of alternative means to resolving the dispute, including mediation and arbitration.
  • Evaluation of clients’ self-diagnosis of the case and advising client about legal rights.
  • Guidance and procedural information for filing or serving documents.
  • Reviewing correspondence and court documents.
  • Preparing and/or suggesting documents to be prepared.
  • Factual investigation: contacting witnesses, public record searches, in-depth interview of client.
  • Legal research and analysis.
  • Discovery: interrogatories, depositions, requests for document production.
  • Planning for negotiations and court appearances made by client, including simulated role-playing.
  • Backup and trouble-shooting during the trial.
  • Referring client to other counsel or experts.
  • Counseling client about possible appeal.
  • Procedural assistance with appeal and assisting with substantive legal argumentation in appeal.